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Best NDT Training Courses Institute In Kenya

Not just the NDT certification, the quality of learning separates ‘sheep from the goat’. Our goal is to make the future for NDT Level II technicians. Therefore, choose the best institute that offers top notch training. Candidates feedback is our top priority. This helps us improve to provide our candidates with quality training.

Class room theory and practical sessions go hand in hand to make you a skilled Level 2 technician. So, NDT institute without a supported NDT Lab cannot have sufficient NDT equipment for practical purposes. Quality training services can only be provided by well infra-structured Lab. We at, EECL provide testing services to large number of companies. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to do practicals on latest NDT equipment and following approved NDT procedures. To sum up, our NDT Training courses have won international reputation in several countries. Since over 8 years, trained several NDT Level I and Level II technicians. Today, we are the Best Institute for NDT courses in Kenya. It is the best place to learn NDT skills. Looking for a premium Level 2 training? You are at the right place.

Certification in non-destructive testing with our range of courses

Level I and II non-destructive testing courses enable you or your employees to perform non-destructive testing independently and professionally. Earning these qualifications from a recognized, reputable training service ensures quality testing and boosts your competitive advantage.

EECL is majorly involved in all types of Industrial Training which is essential for Oil & gas sector like HSE, Industrial Non Destructive, Welding & Painting inspections. This would be a big opportunity for fresh & inexperience engineers in country to develop their skills.

We have designed our non-destructive testing courses on the basis of ASNT TC 1 A , and provide training in a range of methods, from visual testing to magnetic particle and penetration tests, among others.

Best NDT Institute With Job Placements

NDT Level technicians can get into jobs directly. Each course, has learning on NDT codes, standards, specifications and NDT procedures. Also, we are helping the NDT Inspectors / Quality Engineers for job placements. There are two ways we can help them in placements. One, manufacturing companies will send the request to us for the job placements. Then, we will post the job vacancies on our Facebook page. Second, we recruit for our NDT Inspection services in Africa. In either case, apply with your latest resume. All our NDT job placement services are free. T&C apply. Salary for NDT / QC engineer depends on HR policy of the company recruiting. The recruitment drive is to fill the job vacancies in QA/QC and NDT inspection. For jobs and vacancies you can contact us.

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Eligibility For NDT Courses

As per ASNT SNT TC 1A, the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria for NDT Courses. In general, graduates in engineering or science or diploma holders in engineering are eligible for NDT Level I or II. Recommended to have prior experience on relevant NDT field. Vision shall meet visual acuity as per SNT TC 1A.

ASNT NDT Level I Level II Training

EECL is a leading training centre based in Kenya Nairobi to enhance Skill & Knowledge of engineers in Africa. This institute offers greatest excellence training for NDT Level I and Level II certifications as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO9712.

EECL offers many courses among, basic Preparatory training courses.

  • NDT Certification training courses- Level I / and Level II
  • ISO9712 NDT Courses.
  • Welding Inspector Courses.
  • Welders Training.
  • Painting Inspector Course.
  • Quality Control Engineers.
  • Special Training course for Painting Team.

We provide an in-depth fundamental knowledge of each NDT technique along with complete & intense hands-on training to develop your individuals fully to be able to directly take up all your key NDT assignments as per your requirements. Our each course is backed by additional demonstration through videos & Power Point presentations that have been specially developed by our instructors keeping in mind the requirement of our students to actually see several different material processes, testing and the way defects crop up, something they have not been able to see in the course of their routine work.

Seminars can be held at the location of your choice when arranged with a minimum enrolment of six ( 6 ) attendees.

ISO Training and Certificate courses

EECL is a training agency authorized by Pyramid certification Ltd india to conduct all types of ISO training and certification.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • And many other ISO Training and Certificate courses...

ISO9712 NDT Training | Kenya

EECL is a training agency authorised by Meena International India to conduct all types of ISO9712 NDT certification courses.

Our Trainer is certified ASNT / ISO 9712 Level III with great experience over 20 years in oil & gas. If you look for the best NDT courses institute in Kenya, then we are the first choice.

NDT Certification Training Course ASNT SNT TC 1A

Non-destructive testing-NDT certifications are much needed, short term courses for not only mechanical engineers, but even for civil and electrical engineers. Therefore, each training module contains ample practical NDT testing exposure. A combination of class room and hands on practical sessions quickly improve the NDT skills of trainees.

Examination requirements for ASNT:

  • Work experience certificate from employer.
  • Educational qualification certificate copy.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Eye test certificate.

NITA approved NDT training | Kenya

EECL is granted a registration as a training provider of National Industrial Training Authority, Nairobi.

We have been approved to offer courses in the following fields:

  • Welding Inspector
  • ISO 9712 Certification Level I, II and III
  • ASNT Level I and II

Painting Inspector Courses

This course covers corrosion theory, surface preparation, surface contaminants and tests, paint constituents and technology, solutions and dispersions, drying and curing properties and performance, and specified painting conditions.

You will also learn about cathodic protection, holiday/pinhole detection, paint-application methods, paint/paint film testing, paint identification, and metal coatings.

The course will also teach you about paint faults, colour, inspection methods, specification requirements, and health and safety and working practices.

Welding Inspector Courses

Welding Inspector certifications are of great importance for engineers looking for a career. Each Welding inspector should be familiar with welding processes, WPS, PQR, qualifying welders and maintaining validation records. In addition, should be capable to test welds before, during and after welding. Consequently, training demands for understanding welding metallurgy and welding positions. Also, find causes for weld defects and solutions to overcome the problems in welding.

Certainly the course will deliver in-depth knowledge. Therefore, the Welding Inspection Course is suitable for shop floor engineers, welding Coordinators and welding inspectors. Are you looking for a good welding inspector training? No doubt, we are the most preferred institute for welding inspectors in Kenya.

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