Engenius Engineering Consultancy Limited

Fabrication, Erection & Welding

EECL has been extensively involved in a number of mechanical projects for new installations, upgrades, and relocations of existing plants in various industries. We have both the capacity to fabricate install new and upgrade existing plants and structures both efficiently and safely.

We offer specialised welding services for a wide range of materials including Copper, Brass, Stainless steel, and all forms of Carbon steel. We not only have the ability to perform a variety of different welding disciplines, from MiG, Tig, SMAW, and FCAW. But we also adhere to all unique requirements and procedures that may be required by clients.

Safety Programme

Our company maintains and observes a rigorous safety program. A permanent safety inspector is employed working directly under the operations manager and alongside the project managers to oversee and enforce safety at the project sites.

The company has not incurred a single loss of man hours due to accidents during the entire period of its operation till now. Safety standards are always upheld. Protective clothing is issued, and its use is made compulsory. In addition, any safety regulation applicable at various sites are fully complied with and enforced.

The company lives by its standards: Safety promotes awareness, prevents accidents and improves performance. It is our objective and requirement for the project which are set out below:

  • Zero accidents.
  • Zero environmental incident.
  • All activities to be carried out in accordance with the standard safety working practice and procedures.
  • All employees and contractor’s visitors assigned to the project are responsible for their own safety and for those around them.
  • Where specific risks have been identified, the project manager will formally evaluate the risk providing assessment ensuring that these constraints are effectively communicated to all personnel executing the work.
  • In the event of any accident prompt action will be taken in addressing the situation.
  • Regular safety toolbox meeting will be held with the workforce.
  • Proactive approach to safety management to be adhered to at all times.
  • Maintaining clean and tidy site is of the utmost importance.

EECL is engaged in the following types of work :

  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Fabrication and erection of steel structure and erection of equipments
  • Sheeting work
  • Piping work
  • House keeping

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