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Blasting and Painting Works

Paint Systems:
Can we find a paint for all environments and surfaces?

Different paints can be used to protect a variety of construction materials. No paint can be used in all environments!

Factors influencing the selection of a paint system

  • Cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Customer’s expectation (durability)
  • Paint application methods available
  • Structure design
  • Substrate
  • Service environment
  • Availability of paint and/or other protective materials
  • Surface preparation available
  • Health, safety and environmental factors

Procedure & Reporting

ISO 12944 defines what a procedure is:

The part of the document that describes the way the paint work is to be carried out, in conformance with the project specification and the protective paint system specification, as well as with the inspection and assessment specification

Corrosivity of the Environment

  • It is important to identify the corrosivity category of an environment since it will relate to:
    • Corrosion rate of the building material
    • Material selection of building products
    • Selection of proper corrosion protection methods for the building materials

  • ISO 12944-2 defines the classification of environments by corrosivity category

Specifications and procedures:

Specification: A document stating what we wish to achieve (To what quality level a certain piece of work must be carried out).

Procedure: A document explaining how we shall achieve the requirements in a specification (Processing instruction, check points, quality control).

  • Daily reporting
  • Project reporting
  • Final Handover reporting

Inspection Equipments


  • Brush Application
  • Roller Application
  • Airless Spray Application
  • Air Assisted Spray Finish

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